Letters to the Editor

Try a peace treaty

The oldest method in resolving national conflict including wars is the peace treaty. Why isn't our government considering this very positive alternative in Iraq?

The main problem in finding a political solution is that the four main factions, including the U.S., don't trust one another. The only solution that will work is to bring all the factions to the table and negotiate in earnest a peace treaty that all parties can live with. This will be no easy task, but if properly mediated, it is possible.

The U.S. must be prepared to give up a lot of what we hoped to achieve. We should want only to assure peace and stability in the region and nothing else. No military bases, no preferential oil deals and only limited influence in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries.

Our next priority should be to put economic and political pressure on Israel to make a serious effort to find peace with its neighbors. Until this is done in a just and proper way, there can be no guarantee of a lasting peace.

While we finish these monumental tasks, we can go to work correcting the unjust practices of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

David L. Drown