Letters to the Editor

'What's so funny?'

Obvious craziness, indiscretions, eccentricities, unpredictable response, things sophisticated politicians wouldn't do.

These words described incidences in Gail Marshall's commentary on "This is why we interview all the candidates" (Nov. 8). One "laughable" election interview moment was about a candidate who fed her baby.

What part of that story was funny? This candidate, active in her community and responsibly fulfilling the needs of her baby, considered the interviewer's comfort by shielding him from "exposure." She portrayed the self-confidence to nurse in public, an act not supported by mainstream media, all the while answering questions "without skipping a beat."

I agree with the editor's assessment: "Talk about multi-tasking." Seems this woman exemplified work/family balance and calmness under pressure, qualities most would find commendable.

So, what was funny?

Apparently this incident "happened years ago." Given the multiple benefits of breastfeeding for the baby, mother and society, my hope is that the humor lies in the realization of the journalists that they used to view a baby being appropriately attended to as taboo or unsophisticated. Shouldn't we support women who breastfeed, against the odds, not laugh at them?

Janell Gaertig