Letters to the Editor

In defense of Pinedale

In response to Tony Plagenza [letter Nov. 14] regarding the Clovis Unified School District's boundary change policy: I take exception with his depiction of Pinedale Elementary. My children attend Pinedale and I am thrilled with their education. Teachers and staff are superb; they are among the finest, hardest-working and most caring in the district.

Some of our most recent accomplishments include being one of two schools with the greatest amount of API growth, our principal being named one of three finalists for Fresno County Administrator of the Year and Fresno Pacific University selecting Pinedale exclusively to train its student teachers. Pinedale has racked up its share of awards.

Too often Pinedale is depicted the way Mr. Plagenza portrayed it by people who have never set foot on this warm and friendly campus. Mr. Plagenza could just have easily made his point about Clovis Unified boundary changes without using our fine school as a bad example.

On behalf of the staff, students and parents, I invite Mr. Plagenza to visit Pinedale Elementary. Maybe he'll gain a better understanding of what we here like to call "the real world."

Belinda Vitrano