Letters to the Editor

A better way

In defense of "older" physicians who are still practicing [story Nov. 12]: I'm 46 years old and a patient of Dr. Norman Sigel's. For 13 years, I had some very debilitating symptoms involving my heart and no one could find the cause.

When I first started going to Dr. Sigel four years ago, he said, and quite appropriately, that many of the younger doctors are learning to practice medicine the way the insurance companies allow them to. I had been to three internists, all of whom sent me to specialists. Eleven doctors, and still no diagnosis.

Our pediatrician referred me to Dr. Sigel. He said if anyone could find it, Dr. Sigel could and he did. I had a very rare adrenal tumor, pheochromocytoma, causing my irregular heartbeat and other symptoms. It was especially difficult to diagnose because I didn't have the requisite high blood pressure primarily associated with this tumor and other odd symptoms that didn't fit. He had a gut feeling and went with it. This tumor could have killed me.

It was only because of Dr. Sigel's experience and his way of practicing medicine, as opposed to "insurance influenced medical care," that I am well today.

Sally Strong