Letters to the Editor

'Our growing economy'

Marvelous. Just after the election we learn how George W. Bush, with his administration, have obtained and maintained a growing economy in "Arms sales to foreign nations ... " (story Nov. 11): $21 billion in the election year; $10.6 billion in the previous year and from $10 billion to $13 billion every year since 2001. And since these weapons are "mature," the profit margin is high. Wow! What a tax windfall to help us cut the deficit.

With these sales we even got a bonus: "Weapons upgraded in Shiite-Sunni fighting" (Nov. 11). Soon our soldiers will get some of this bonus. The oil rich nations have had record profits to use in buying weapons.

May the surviving relatives continue to praise our efforts on their behalf, and may we continue to praise our growing economy.

Donald J. Burdick