Letters to the Editor

Dissent is patriotic

In response to Lee Webster's letter [Nov. 11] entitled "Borders on treason," I'd like to know by what means he thinks this country was formed. If we did not have dissent for our former mother country of England, we would not have the United States.

As far as good ol' Dubya keeping his promise to find all terrorists -- where's that pesky Osama bin Laden? Wasn't he the one we went after in the first place? And the weapons of mass destruction that took us to Iraq (so we're told)? Where did they find those again? Oh, that's right. They didn't.

It is naive and blind to think dissent equals treason. Nothing is more patriotic than the truth, and speaking out against an administration that is in the wrong. No, there have not been attacks on our soil in five years. But what do you make of the nearly 3,000 troops who've died in Iraq, and thousands more who are injured and scarred for life because of George W. Bush's lack of a plan?

Hilary Dietmeyer