Letters to the Editor

'Bravo' to Clovis High's very talented thespians

On Nov. 4, I was privileged to attend the performance of "The Diary Of Anne Frank" by Clovis High School Theatre Arts. The acting was exceptionally well done, the set was perfectly constructed and the lighting was orchestrated with very good timing -- in all, a compliment to our young people. It seems that the media can only tell bad stories about our youth.

The play shows the talent, theatrical qualities and intelligence we have in our own area.

The behavior of the audience has to be recognized. Mostly high school students, they were well-behaved, respectful and attentive throughout the performance as well as entering and exiting the theater. They are to be complemented on their actions.

It shows the possibilities in the performing arts that Fresno and Clovis have.

A long time ago I attended a performance at Fresno State, in which a friend of mine played. After the play she asked my wife and I if we "believed" them. After this play, I can say, "I believed them."

To all who participated in putting on the performance I say "bravo" to a job well done.

Charles Hock