Letters to the Editor

'A gift to all of us'

Is the obvious liberal grudge against Victor Davis Hanson expressed in recent letters merely a reaction to his name-calling rhetoric? Cancel "merely." It's much more. They hate him because they hate President Bush, or anyone who dares to oppose their Pollyanna views.

Liberals don't mind acrimonious speech delivered by their own pundits. Despite exceptions, hypocrisy is not unusual in partisan politics. It's resorted to by most because it works. In the courtroom, advertising, religion and politics persuasion is everything. The fact is, people do fall for big lies. To a large extent, we're all gossiper-over-the-fence participants.

So Victor Davis Hanson, smart and adaptable, declines to write like an ivory-tower pedant when he's outside ivy-covered walls. And Maureen Dowd in her chic, feline mewings, and Molly Ivins, in her "aw shucks" Texas homilies, are not about to refrain from their own verbal character assassinations. And I, sincere to the bone, just love hearing and using raucous, adversarial adjectives. I know better, but it's too tempting.

I hope to continue hearing Victor Davis Hanson's voice in The Bee. He's a gift to all of us who slept through our history classes.

Dale Baird