Letters to the Editor

Pray for better

My friend, Lyn, and I acquired a dog years ago, accepting the responsibilities. We made sure he had food, shelter and medical attention.

The Republicans, who had control of Congress, didn't do a good job caring for our people during a natural disaster. While the Republicans were in control, American citizens were not given food or a place to sleep after a hurricane. And before the hurricane, it wasn't clear that the people needed to get on buses to be taken to safety. The housing that was provided was not safe.

Our dog was given a nice warm place to sleep. When he was older, he was given a softer bed. He always knew he could crawl into our beds, if he was not able to get warm enough. The victims of the hurricane didn't know what to do because the instructions from the government were not clear.

Now that our dog is sick, we make sure to take him to the vet. And he is fed food that possibly could make him better. Victims of national emergencies had to wait days for medical help.

Let's pray the Democrats will do better.

Joe Hemphill