Letters to the Editor

Celebrate the results

Beyond sarcasm, insults, pain and humiliation, Paul J. O'Rourke Jr. (letter Nov. 12) should do two things: First, congratulate the American people -- Republicans included -- who refuse to be manipulated again by the administration propaganda.

Second, include in his hate list some of those unhappy with the election results: proponents of violence over diplomacy, war contractors, oil companies, multimillionaires, immigrant and civil-rights haters, the pro-life crowd applauding the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world, "conservative" Christians with more proud judgment and hate than compassion, professors -- just read Victor Davis Hanson's weekly diatribes -- politicians and other radicals believing that no Republican agenda equals to a no agenda.

Even as a believer in the need for a strong third party, I celebrate the election results with the rest of the world as a time of reflection and positive changes.

Francisco Duarte

Centro Azteca