Letters to the Editor

Spare the winter air, not to mention our lungs

With the onset of winter, I ask all residents to stop burning in their fireplaces. I recently awoke to unwelcome fireplace smoke odor in my family room and kitchen. My home is in an L-shape, so during sleeping hours I was not subjected to someone's "smoke" in my bedroom. However, going to the kitchen to make breakfast, I was assaulted by an odor that made me think my house was on fire.

Not only was the odor intense, it was nauseating. Since I had to go to work, I was unable to rid the house of this odor before I left, and was greeted with it once again when I returned home.

Please advise people in the Valley that if you smell smoke, you are inhaling smoke particulates. With the prevalence and outrageous instances of lung cancer in the Valley, perhaps people might consider stopping the "romance" of a fire in their fireplace. Or even put on a sweater or blanket while watching TV and not try to end someone else's life with their selfish desire to have a "cozy fire" on a winter night.

In kindergarten language: Be kind, be nice, don't burn wood this time of year.

Sandra Bruque