Letters to the Editor

Parents left in the dark

Your article on the Clovis Unified School District's significant boundary changes misses the mark. As a concerned parent of a child in second grade at Nelson Elementary, I can assure you that the parents and property owners within Clovis Unified were never informed of a boundary change. Maybe that's why only 20 people attended the meeting.

Does it seem strange that when Clovis Unified wants to raise money, parents and property owners are the first to know, but when adverse decisions are to be made we find out after the fact? It sure seems like Clovis Unified wants to keep this decision quiet.

Picture this as one option for a boundary change: You just purchased an $800,000 house at Copper River Country Club, and when you register your child for school you find out that your 5-year-old will be bused across town to Pinedale Elementary, one of the oldest and worst performing schools in Clovis Unified. You can bet that Clovis Unified wants to keep that quiet.

Next time your headline should read "Clovis Unified ready to redraw lines without parents or property owners."

Tony Plagenza