Letters to the Editor

Voters who care

Who says that voters don't think, and that most times, they wait until there is a catastrophe before addressing problems? The citizens of Fresno County have shown more times than not, that they do look beyond the end of their noses -- that they can intelligently plan for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Stepping forward as they did in such overwhelming support of Measure C -- 77% -- is testament to that intellect. We have now seen the voters show that on Measure C -- we saw it on the zoo effort -- on A-to-Z years back and many others.

What it says is that when presented with a logical assessment of our current and future needs, Fresno County voters are serious about creating an economically viable and livable community. As co-chairs of the Measure C effort, Bill Jones and I cannot thank the people enough for taking the time to seriously study the issue and then casting their approving votes. I take such pride in living where I do -- I am sure we all do.

Al Smith, Co-Chair, Friends for Fresno County Transportation