Letters to the Editor

Polling disappointment

I went to my polling station at St. Therese Church, expecting to enjoy the process of voting. I left exasperated, after witnessing the most disgraceful exhibition of disrespect for both the voting process and the voter I have ever seen by some of the polling station volunteers.

As I waded through the complicated ballot, one worker actually started a drum tattoo on the optical scanning machine, while some of the staff made no attempt to lower their voices, and children ran across the floor shrieking away. I turned around and asked them all to be quiet.

Two minutes later another person started another drum tattoo and raised voices continued. Again I turned around. "What's the matter now?" I was asked. I said this was the noisiest polling station I had ever been to.

Their reaction was a mixture of shock and amusement. I was told that my observation "would be noted." I handed in my ballot and got a rather snotty "Thank you for coming." I told them to keep the noise level down.

The whole experience was a disappointingly ugly one. Next time it's an absentee ballot for me.

Laurence D.M. Marshall, Fresno