Letters to the Editor

Limited scope

Columnist and compulsive writer Victor Davis Hanson deserves caution before revisiting his columns of June 25, "Why Those Democrats Cannot Win," and Sept. 24, "Tortoise, Hare Spin New Tale," since he will likely discover how wrong he was in struggling to make a case for Republican victory on Nov. 7.

His June 25 column closed with, "When Americans get inside the voting booth, they probably will think the envisioned Democratic remedy is worse than the current perceived Republican disease."

His Sept. 24 column closed with, "The result is that Bush, tucked into his shell, keeps lumbering forward, grim faced -- resisting withdrawal from Iraq and warning against Islamic fascism. And the more the Democratic hares yawn and snore -- the more this unfazed turtle keeps moving toward the November elections."

Right, with Republican victory in sight according to Dr. Hanson's wisdom, the suddenly aroused Democrats snatched control of both houses of Congress. As a classicist, Dr. Hanson would be well-advised to limit future columns to the one area of his expertise -- the likes of Thucydides, the Grecian wars and the gods of mythology.

David Hendrickson, Fresno