Letters to the Editor

Major streets deteriorate

Your Nov. 10 "To-do List" editorial identified key matters for Fresno's attention, but one important problem didn't receive the billing it should have: the condition of our major streets. You made passing reference to potholes, but that's only a symptom.

Fresno has billions of dollars invested in the major streets, which are used by everyone every day. These streets have had woefully inadequate attention and action for some years, and because of a lack of sufficient pavement maintenance, too much of that huge investment has been, or is being, lost. Many pavements are cracked, distorted and otherwise in need of proper treatment to head off further deterioration.

Examples of poorly maintained major streets abound and should be as obvious to city officials as they are to local drivers. Beyond the rising future maintenance needs, such conditions right now are costing drivers more for tires, fuel, and vehicle repair.

It is high time that the city changes its street funding priorities to give at least equal emphasis to major street maintenance and reconstruction as it has to capacity improvements, and even reaching that balance won't necessarily be enough to avoid tremendous replacement costs in the future.

James L. Martin, Fresno