Letters to the Editor

Hidden dropouts

Valley high schools can congratulate themselves on an impressive pass rate of 94% to 99.9% for the California High School Exit Exam. A person could get caught up in the back-patting hoopla unless you read all the way to the bottom of the Oct. 27 article. Then it begins to sound like an echo of Rod Paige's "Texas Miracle," a flimflam done with numbers to hide the dropouts in the Houston high schools.

The Valley districts' pass rate was figured using the number of senior students with enough credits to graduate. All of those who dropped out or were pushed out were not part of the formula. How can you imply that only 6% or less didn't qualify for a diploma without acknowledging all those others who left defeated?

Today, vocational education is no longer an option. All students are deemed to be college bound; this is part of the No Child Left Behind Act. Parents need to know how the act will affect their children from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Start informing yourselves.

Rosalie Gald, Fresno