Letters to the Editor

Join the party

As a conservative, I wish to congratulate the Democrats for their success in capturing control of the House and now even the Senate. Of course, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention many others who are obviously elated over the Democrats' success.

They include: Hamas, al-Qaida, Islamic terrorists in general, Iran, North Korea, Hugo Chavez, the French and other Western European wussies, welfare queens and other dependent slackers, homosexual activists, abortion enthusiasts, illegal aliens, the "Air (anti-)America" crowd, Jesse Jackson and other race and poverty pimps, the American Civil Liberties Union, anti-Christian secularists, Marxist professors (are there any other kind nowadays?), Hollywood degenerates and union slugs and thugs.

Nancy Pelosi is just the political leader to appease this motley crew.

Paul J. O'Rourke Jr., Fresno