Letters to the Editor

Hire the garbage police to deal with homeless

Recently, I observed the garbage patrol out in full force in their shiny new SUV with the pretty vinyl signs, sifting through our trash looking for infidels. Way to go, Fresno!

OK, let's throw the homeless out with the papers and the trash. And let's lower grocery store prices with those 2,000 extra shopping carts that are off the streets. Now let us taxpayers give the city $500,000-plus for the cost of the recycling program plus our time to pull the trash bins in by 8 p.m., OK, sounds good.

When I was 11 years old, I started a recycling business that funded the start of the business I have today. I was disappointed when the city started our curbside program and made it illegal to sift through the trash. OK, so they want the money. All right, someone is thinking.

Now in 2006, let's run the homeless out of Fresno. Yeah, that will clean things up. Let's hire the garbage patrol. Now we are getting somewhere. Or not?

Steve Mason