Letters to the Editor

Victory in Yosemite

As citizens celebrate the recent federal court ruling to halt multiple construction projects in Yosemite, it would be helpful to point out to readers that The Bee's Nov. 7 front page article did not capture the essence of what this lawsuit is about.

The article could lead one to believe that the suit was all about plans and esoteric documents. Instead, this legal victory has stopped the construction of upscale hotel units. It has stopped the re-route of a main road in Yosemite Valley closer to the river so vehicles can go faster, and coincidentally open the door to massive future development.

It also has stopped the Park Service's intent to provide for oversized RV motor coaches -- which would take away from old-fashioned family camping -- and the ruling also acknowledges a controversy over the park's lack of fair treatment for Native Americans.

Citizen groups holding our government accountable for following the law and protecting Yosemite for future generations is not a radical idea. Places like Yosemite belong to all of us, not just a few administrators who continue to push unfair, illegal and illogical plans down the public's throat.

George Whitmore


Sierra' Club's Yosemite Committee