Letters to the Editor

'Borders on treason'

I'm outraged by the lack of respect for the office of the presidency and President George W. Bush. To demean by blatant, disrespectful remarks by the media and elected officials borders on treason and makes America appear to be a weak, divided nation to the rest of the world. It must be stopped. "We, the people" can accomplish much to eliminate this dastardly practice by speaking out.

In defense of our president, we have not had a major terrorist attack in five years. He's commanded a worldwide war without renewing the draft, and our economy is high and unemployment is low.

On Oct. 7, 2001, when he declared war on terrorism by taking out terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, he promised to find terrorists wherever they are and bring them to justice -- a promise that he kept. When war in Afghanistan was sufficiently under control, he expanded it to Iraq, which had a ruthless dictator who made biological weapons of mass destruction and used them to kill many Kurdish people. Iraq disregarded numerous United Nations warnings, allowing time to hide weapons of mass destruction, and also paid Palestinian families for providing suicide bombers.

Lee Webster