Letters to the Editor

Time to partition

America voted for change. According to the polls, No. 1 on the list of proposed changes is to come up with a new strategy for Iraq, replacing the simplistic "staying the course," a strategy that has been leading us to nowhere, other than getting 60-plus American soldiers killed every month.

The Democrats, along with responsive Republicans and independents, can change direction, unifying behind a practical strategy of partitioning Iraq into two or more federal or sovereign states along ethnic lines.

First, in the next few months, make Kurdistan a free nation. The Kurds for centuries have longed (and deserved) to be their own nation. They will embrace a true democracy.

As for the Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites, bring them together to discuss how to divide up the remaining territory regarding the most important commodities, oil and land.

Readers are encouraged to enter 'Iraq partitioning' into Google for a list of many politicians and scholars who support partitioning as a bipartisan strategy for exiting Iraq with dignity and purpose, and establishing true democracy in the Middle East.

David R. Carlson