Letters to the Editor

'The bigger lesson'

It really shouldn't surprise me that the Democrats did so well in the elections. Generally people will vote for those who hold their same values. Our nation has been on a slippery slope for decades now, and any honest person will admit goodness and virtue are not as common as they once were.

The Republicans did many things to hurt their cause, and I know many votes were cast out of protest for the war. The old saying come to mind, "cut off your nose to spite your face."

Oh, we taught President Bush a lesson, but I think we're going to be the ones taught the bigger lesson. When the dust settles and the reality of what this election means is realized it's going to be interesting to see our country's reaction. I can see stunned people everywhere asking, "Nancy Pelosi is making decisions for my family's future?" Funny yes, but also sad and sobering.

Joey Grimes