Letters to the Editor

Plenty of issues

We all have our biases, but Michael Der Manouel's is particularly unconstructive. He states "the Democrats ran an issueless campaign" (commentary Nov. 9).

To Mr. Der Manouel, raising the minimum wage is not an issue. Consider the effect of raising the minimum wage on just one sector of the economy. Furniture manufacturers and retailers are overstocked. Does anyone doubt this? Look at the ads. If we give tax relief to the furniture manufacturers, will they rush out to build new facilities, and hire more workers? No, they won't.

If we give more money to the rich by tax reductions, will they rush out to buy more furniture? No, they won't. If we put a little more money in the hands of the working class by raising their wages, will they rush out to spend it on furniture, everyday clothing, better used cars and the like? Yes, they will. And would that be good for everybody? Yes, it would.

If we are going to save America, and incidentally, the world at the same time, we have got to take a look over the walls of our sacred biases once in awhile, and look at a bigger picture.

Fred Mathes