Letters to the Editor

Not newsworthy

The Nov. 4 Bee included an article about John Mark Karr, a former suspect in the slaying of Jon Benet Ramsey. After his high-profile arrest, it was proven by Denver police he had nothing to do with her murder. I'm just a little curious. Why would Bee editors print his sick, twisted thoughts and writings?

Since when is it newsworthy that some pervert thinks it's OK "for little girls of 6 to experience the same wonderful, climactic sexual feelings as girls of 16"?

If not for his disproven admission, he never would have made the paper here. As it stands, he is free to move anywhere he chooses. It seems to be simply a matter of time before he commits a sex crime against some innocent girl, if only to fuel his obvious love of media attention, and I feel any newspaper that printed his sputum bears some responsibility for furthering his sickness.

If this is what it takes to sell papers, send your reporters down to the county jail, where an abundant supply of pedophiles will give you plenty to write about. It's your ink, but I'm disgusted.

Bill Ferguson