Letters to the Editor

Won't be around long

In a few days we will observe Veterans Day. I say observe, because that is about all we do. A few "old boys," their families and a few caring people will have a parade.

The rest go about their business as usual. After what veterans have done for this country, it is sad. All veterans deserved to be remembered and thanked.

The World War II veterans are about to become extinct. To have served in the war years of World War II means you are at least 79 years of age. As I recall, the life expectancy of a U.S. male is 77 years; for a woman it is 81 years.

Vets of World War II once numbered about 16 million. There are about 4 million of us left and the grim reaper is taking more than 1,000 of us per day. More than 406,000 men and women died in World War II; that's more than 9,200 per month for 44 months. In addition, 800,000 were wounded. We did this so all Americans would remain free.

Plan now to thank a World War II vet, since they won't be around much longer. God bless our veterans and the U.S.A.

Dale R. Anderson