Letters to the Editor

'A little paranoid'

I am responding to the article Nov. 3, "Fresno targets Bulldog gangs." Fresno is not targeting the gang, the police chief is. And if the gang consists of 4,000 members, a nine-member gang task force is quite small. Finally, to say that it is going to be like the war in Iraq is ludicrous!

I want to know where Jerry Dyer gets his information. The "bad ones," I believe, are already in jail. One bad apple doesn't make the whole bunch bad.

Seriously, if an ambush, or shooting at police officers is to be expected, I would think it would have already happened after the article was published. It wasn't a Bulldog that ambushed the two police officers a couple of weeks back, it wasn't even a Hispanic. Jerry Dyer may be a little paranoid for some reason, and I think Fresno needs to find out why.

Victoria Rangel