Letters to the Editor

'Ludicrous' solution

Please tell me I misread or read something out of context. The article published Nov. 6, "Students learn to resolve disputes" had a portion that I found highly disturbing.

It read, "I was roaming with my [mediator] partner and we saw kids fighting over Top Ramen noodles. Two girls were trying to take the noodles from another girl, who had brought them as a snack.

"Two girls tackled her. They pulled her hair. We mediated them. What they had in common is they all wanted Top Ramen. ... Their resolution? They threw away the Top Ramen."

Isn't this called theft, fighting, bullying?

I would hope that on my campus the two thieves and bullies would be disciplined, and that would certainly not include getting a child to throw away her own snack to settle the fight.

This is not conflict resolution -- this is ludicrous.

I have nothing but respect for the Peer Counseling Program on my campus. I would hope these two thieves/bullies would be disciplined, and the child who lost her snack would get it back!

Cynthia Brickey

Clovis West High School