Letters to the Editor

No English required

I would like to answer Pauline West's question [letter Nov. 7] regarding knowing English when you become a citizen.

The answer is no. In July of this year, I became a citizen after living here for quite some time. Elections were coming up and I wanted to vote. The first thing the immigration officer asked me was if I needed a translator. My native language is Dutch.

I looked at him and said I thought I was becoming an American citizen and it was my duty to learn English. Many people had brought somebody to translate. The United States has no official language, which is a major problem.

By the way, the whole immigration process was a big let down. Hours of waiting. Finger printer was a big fiasco. Ten dumb questions and no knowledge required that day of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Afterward, I asked the officer to ask me some important questions, like how many women there are in Congress and the Senate. He said he had no clue.

Why, then, did I become a citizen? I just want to stir the electoral pot.

Ada Voskamp-Mazzeo