Letters to the Editor

'Help others in need'

I met a truly good Samaritan recently, in the guise of a young man. My car stalled at First Street and Warren Avenue. I had to abandon it to afternoon traffic. He, like so many others, saw me standing, helpless, but he chose to come to my aid. Running over, he asked if I wanted help, then opened the car door, checked the gear and began to push. I pushed from the rear, for what that was worth.

Once safely in a parking slot, he asked if I would be OK and then he was off, before I could get his name or even a good look at him.

So, ask around. If anyone finds the young man who helped a stranded woman with a white Acura on Friday, give him a pat on the back and tell him for me that he is an example for others to emulate. He has my undying gratitude, and in his honor I will try to help others in need, as he did me. I will pay it forward in his unknown name.

Georgia A. Vercoe