Letters to the Editor

'Target all gangs'

So Police Chief Jerry Dyer and company want to rid Fresno of The Bulldogs. All young Chicanos wearing red shirts and sporting shaved heads, beware. Never mind that you're not a Bulldogs gang member, the department wants you. Dang, now I have to grow my hair out and stop wearing the T-shirts of the team I root for.

I believe Chief Dyer's intentions are good, but doesn't he realize that when one criminal organization is brought down, others are waiting enthusiastically to take its place? When the Taliban was brought to its knees, did that put a stop to terrorism? So beware. With Fresno Bulldogs out, Los Angeles gangs will move in. L.A. gangs are a lot more organized and have a lot more members.

Why not target all gangs, including racist skinheads and others? According to Chief Dyer, "The Fresno Bulldogs are notoriously unorganized." I'd rather have that than more organized gangs from L.A. here.

I am not saying that Bulldogs are not violent and ruthless, I am merely asking, why not target all gangs?

John Trejo Jr.