Letters to the Editor

'Core of homelessness'

Bill McEwen's column Oct. 19 was one of his finest pieces of work at The Bee. I have often not been a fan of his opinion pieces, but do respect his candor and forthrightness in taking on important issues.

His piece on the homeless and the advocacy efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union and others hit a home run. Too many people misunderstand the causes and issues at the core of homelessness, and their efforts, though well-intentioned, often do more damage than good.

Mr. McEwen's column forces one to consider more deeply what the proper steps are to deal with this ever-present scourge within society. Those who have a desire to help need to avail themselves of the facts and truth about homelessness and align their efforts with those of reputable nonprofits who tackle these problems on a full-time basis.

Many thanks to Mr. McEwen for challenging the well-intended efforts of a reputable organization and prompting others to become better informed before moving into action.

Gerald Steinhauer

Board member

Fresno Rescue Mission