Letters to the Editor

'Day of reckoning'

Poor Victor Davis Hanson! The sanctity of his ivory tower at the Hoover Institution has apparently been violated.

In his latest diatribe (Oct. 22), Dr. Hanson whines that his ears have been rudely assailed by "shrieking" liberals who act like "rowdy students." What he clearly does not seem to hear is the shrieking of the thousands of citizens and soldiers dying in a war created by an administration and its media spear carriers who have tragically and arrogantly been wrong, wrong, wrong.

I'm sure the Bush administration, and those like Dr. Hanson who spread its talking points, would love for opponents just to shut up about the mess in Iraq. Sorry, that isn't going to happen. The eyes of the large majority of Americans have at last been opened to the duplicity of the Bush administration, and a day of reckoning -- election day -- is at hand.

Rich Garrigus