Letters to the Editor

'Stand for something'

I read the letter from Michael Der Manouel Sr. [Oct. 19] regarding Fresno police officers' endorsement of Jerry Brown. I have been a life-long Democrat and have never changed my party like some local politicians have, depending on the flavor or the month.

I, too, hold Chuck Poochigian in high regard, but unfortunately when it comes to association endorsements, the tail can't wag the dog. There are reasons for bylaws and, more important, for having the leadership to balance public safety and the welfare of all of the members.

Fresno Police Officers Association President Jacky Parks and the entire FPOA board have shown me that "if you can't stand for something you will fall for anything." FPOA has consistently been united and it has standing in this community.

I have personally witnessed the loyalty and professionalism by president Jacky Parks, Mike Cavallero and the entire executive board of the FPOA. I appreciate their continued service and caring they have for the citizens. They make me proud to be a citizen of the city of Fresno.

Carlos Mestas