Letters to the Editor

Fresno State students make great volunteers

A recent story in The Bee detailed the growing number of college volunteers across our nation. Studies indicate that Fresno State students are leading the way as students increasingly volunteer to address the issues confronting our communities.

Last year, 6,300 Fresno State students provided 485,400 hours of service to our region. The economic impact of this service is estimated at $10.4 million.

The service provided by Fresno State students has a significant impact on the community and on students. A survey of nonprofits indicates that 91% agree Fresno State volunteers help the organizations better meet their goal of serving the region.

In addition to benefiting their personal and professional development, 84% of students indicate that, when academically relevant service was required as part of a class, the service enhanced their understanding of the course content.

Fresno State is a university engaged in meeting community needs. While we publicly discuss university policies and agonize about the win-loss record of our football team, let's remember that thousands of Fresno State student volunteers are volunteering to make Fresno a better place to live.

Chris Fiorentino


Civic Engagement and Service-Learning

California State University, Fresno