Letters to the Editor

Access to money

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Green or think all the parties are pretty useless, you should take issue with The Bee's recommendation to vote "no" on Proposition 89. As things stand now, elections are determined by whomever has access to the big money. Until we have public financing of elections, as provided for by Proposition 89, someone, even a "corporate person" with more money than you or I have, will determine who gets elected to office.

Vote "yes" on Proposition 89. After that, we Republicans, Democrats, Greens and whatever can get back to arguing politics in a democratic manner. Until then, there's not much point talking because we aren't really electing.

Corporations might not like the fact that this measure would be financed by corporate taxes, but the corporations get their money from all of us, so they might as well benefit us and our democracy once in a while.

Bill Simon