Letters to the Editor

Nunes skips out

Devin Nunes AWOL! There have been five candidate forums recently that included our congressional candidates for the 21st District. Our own local, Steve Haze, running for Congress, appeared at every one of them. However, Devin Nunes, our current representative, couldn't be bothered to show up for any. Rep. Nunes needs to stand before his constituents and be held accountable for his actions, or lack thereof.

There are some very serious problems in our country today, and we need some answers as to what we can expect our representatives to do about them. What does Rep. Nunes propose to do about the health care crisis; minimum wage; securing our borders, our chemical and nuclear plants and our airspace; the occupation of Iraq; funding education; global warming; oversight, checks and balances of the executive branch; our disappearing pension funds; saving Social Security; a comprehensive plan for energy independence? The answer is -- nothing!

He has had six years and done nothing for us.

We have been used and abused long enough. We need a Congress of hope, working toward a prosperous and healthy future for every American. If not now, when?

Cheryl Reynolds

Shaver Lake