Letters to the Editor

Parents' role

Jan Balcom (letter Oct. 20) rightly claims that teenage girls are "often very stubborn" and "also make mistakes." That is exactly why the girl's parents should be involved in the decision of whether or not to have an abortion.

Ms. Balcom claims that girls will do anything to keep their parents from finding out, and that this leaves the girl with three dangerous options: run away, seek an illegal abortion or suicide and death. Many are not aware that even legal abortions, which like all abortions, kill an innocent human person, come with a high risk of infertility, miscarriage, hemorrhaging and a major increase in chances of breast cancer and death. Many women, after abortions, go into severe depression, and the chance of suicide is greatly increased.

Parents belong in the lives of their children. That is their role, to guide them until they go out on their own. Abortion is a surgical procedure. I can't go on a school field trip without my parents' consent. Please, protect my friends and give parents back the right to be the guardians in their children's lives. Vote "yes" on Proposition 85.

Breanna Wilson

Age 17