Letters to the Editor

Trust Medina

It has been my honor and delight to know Luisa Medina, both personally and professionally, for many years. I know that her dedication to the children in the Fresno Unified School District is only exceeded by her integrity.

She is not afraid to tackle hard problems or to follow through with the solutions. Luisa's leadership motivates people to work together. Her vision of what could be for Fresno's children is matched by her willingness to work hard to get there. There simply is no better candidate for Fresno Unified school board.

Why does a woman from Clovis care about who is elected to the Fresno Unified school board? I care because the children graduating from Fresno Unified do not just impact the future of Fresno. They impact the future of our Valley, our state and our country. I trust that future to Luisa Medina's guidance. She won't let us down.

Valerie Rae Hanneman