Letters to the Editor

'Smutty campaigning'

The Bee's article (Oct. 3) saying "opposition research" was being stockpiled by Rep. George Radanovich and his staff sounded like code to me for "sleazy campaign tactics." I thank the congressman for proving me correct.

Predictably, Rep. Radanovich and his staff, in utter desperation at the thought that TJ Cox, a person who isn't financed by deep-pocketed political action committees (ala Pfizer and Microsoft), might actually win this race, have dusted off the dirty tricks playbook that their kind wrote.

For the first time in 12 years voters in the 19th Congressional District actually have a superior alternative, TJ Cox, to replace the mediocre representation they've been getting. I only hope the electorate isn't so naive as to fall for one of the "oldest professions" -- smutty campaigning by Rep. Radanovich and his ilk.

Ellie Schermerhorn