Letters to the Editor

Shrieking fans can quickly spoil a good concert

There should be special sections at concerts for whistlers and whoopers.

We are finally able to attend concerts now that my husband is retired and the kids are on their own. Our first was Simon and Garfunkel. We bought our tickets early and looked forward to it.

My husband had surgery that makes his ears sensitive, so we chose seats one row from the top. Two middle-aged ladies sat behind us. The whoops began with the first song and continued throughout the program. I considered asking them if they would like to trade seats so they would at least be in front of us. Instead we left early.

Recently, we attended the Merle Haggard concert at the Big Fresno Fair. A thirtyish couple sat behind us. As the first song began, she let out a shrill whistle and an ear-splitting shriek, "whooo!" that went through both our heads like a knife. As my husband's back stiffened, her silent, long-suffering husband smiled and patted mine on the back. The whistling and whooping greeted every song until the end.

When you go to a concert, have fun, but not at the expense of the rest of the audience.

Mary Van Pelt