Letters to the Editor

Our own destiny

Consider the last time the League of Women Voters of Fresno, Sierra Club, Fresno Chamber of Commerce, Americans with Disabilities Act advocates, seniors, labor and many others have agreed on something. They have on Measure C.

I visit Clovis, Firebaugh, Reedley and other areas of this county and I will vote "yes" for Measure C to benefit the residents and visitors of this area. From the four corners of our county, Friant to Reedley, Huron to Firebaugh and Mendota, we all gain much more from Measure C.

Is it a perfect plan? No, but it is our plan. We have local control of how our tax dollars will be spent. This is taxation with representation. I thank those who served on the committee that crafted this plan.

This is about jobs, cleaning our air, leveraging matching funds from government sources and local oversight. Having my family, friends and co-workers driving on safe roads and riding in air-friendly public and school transportation is important to me. Join me in voting "yes" on extending Measure C and take us into the county's next 150 years as a place of ownership of our area's own destiny.

Brad S. Fischer