Letters to the Editor

Importance of agriculture

I thank the Fresno County Farm Bureau for hosting a candidate debate between Rep. George Radanovich and challenger TJ Cox.

Four generations of my family live in Congressional District 19. I help run a small business and I have always valued agriculture. For the first time ever, my husband and I attended a debate. We wanted to show support for TJ Cox.

My husband and I left the Farm Bureau office feeling not just informed but re-thinking the role that agriculture plays in our lives. People who don't work directly in farming often think of the issues abstractly. The debate inspired us to think about the food supply as a national security issue, the ramifications of food labeling for countries of origin, the impact of high fuel costs on farmers and the very real labor challenges.

I also came away realizing that agriculture cannot be viewed as a safe vote for one political party. Agriculture is too important to our country. It is time to embrace good candidates from both sides of the aisle who will work aggressively for substantive change that helps agriculture and the consumers who depend on it.

Kathi Lamonski