Letters to the Editor

'Irresponsible pet owners'

I was thankful to see "On Death Row" by Marc Benjamin Oct. 15. Your readers need to be aware of this issue. Many overlook or sugarcoat the fact that the Valley euthanizes so many animals each year.

The problem is partly caused by ignorant, uncaring, irresponsible pet owners. Animals get dumped at shelters for reasons such as: no time, too much responsibility, moving and behavioral and landlord issues. Please research before you take in a pet.

In the future, please do not breed or buy while shelter animals die. Don't shop at pet stores that sell kittens and puppies. These animals come from mills, cruel places where animals are bred only for profit and treated as no more than livestock. Please check out http://<a href="http://www.prisonersofgreed.org">www.prisonersofgreed.org</a>.

Next time you are looking to add to your family a "fur kid," please adopt. Next time you think about dressing your pet in a $30-plus outfit, purchasing a crystal collar or buying a wig for your dog, please reconsider and donate to a shelter or rescue group.

Lisa Zito