Letters to the Editor

'A brilliant man'

Hooray for Jim Barr! I am quite proud of my former algebra teacher for running for the Fresno Unified School District board.

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Barr as a teacher in my freshman year, before he left Edison High School. It was my third year of Algebra I, and Mr. Barr was able to teach it to me in a way that still sticks with me to this day, when no other teacher could. He is a brilliant man, and I have no doubt that he will use his in-depth knowledge of the way schools are today to bring great and welcome changes to the school district.

Having just turned 18 a few months ago, I am quite proud that in my very first election, my vote can go to Jim Barr. I encourage everyone to vote for him, for the sake of the district and its children.

Kathleen Oslè