Letters to the Editor

'Failed the voters'

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante's political favor must have waned. He has had to stoop to running for insurance commissioner on the November ballot. Too bad he does not know anything about the job. Maybe he thinks he can over-regulate the state like the current commissioner, John Garamendi.

Seems both these public officials have been caught red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar and still think the honest, forthright California voters will return them to another office after their public disgrace. Mr. Bustamante was fined more than $250,000 by the state elections commission, while Mr. Garamendi hastily jumped to take over Executive Life in his first stint as insurance commissioner and then sold it to a fraudulent French bank.

Why do we elect people who don't know what they are doing and think they can do whatever they want in public office? The last time I looked, as public servants these men where elected to high office and failed the voters. Why would we ever consider electing them again?

Dennis C. Hunt