Letters to the Editor

Supports Haze

I write in support of Steve Haze, candidate for the 21st Congressional District. The Bee sloughed him off as "well-intentioned," but Steve is much more than that. He is genuinely honest, smart, a fiscal conservative and, very important, he is ethical.

Steve has 30 years of proven high-tech business experience, both domestically and globally. His in-depth knowledge of local water resource issues is extensive. He is committed to creating the climate to attract businesses and jobs to the 21st District. He is totally dedicated to listening to and representing all of the constituents in the 21st District.

I can attest to the fact that Steve is not beholden to any powerful "special interest" groups that can easily sway him from representing the best interests of all of his fellow citizens. He is the one to lead the way toward effective bipartisan solutions to our many local and national issues.

As a Republican, I am going to vote for Steve in the November election. I am convinced he will provide me with the congressional representation I have been seeking for a very long time. The time for change is now!

Gary L. Temple