Letters to the Editor

Funding the arts

The arts have always played second fiddle to other activities. The myopic are unable to see the importance of using the arts to develop sensory acuity. One example: Musical notes are fractions. One of the most difficult concepts to master in math is fractions. When studying music, you deal with nothing but fractions, and they become internalized. This is one reason music is so important in the classroom.

The arts have always had to go hat in hand to a select few patrons for donations to sustain their efforts in promoting their cause.

I say it's about time some real money was generated so future generations will develop the necessary artistic skills to help elevate their taste from the garbage pail to the stars.

How becomes the question. My solution is very simple.

Place slot machines in various businesses, as in Las Vegas. The money could be used to build practice rooms at elementary schools, mini-museums where students can display their art and to purchase art supplies and musical instruments.

The money would go right back into the community, helping to create a better two-legged human. I am not impressed with what we have now.

Henry Barigian