Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Radanovich

I have always respected The Bee's right to be wrong. But your recommendation for the 19th Congressional District was difficult for me to let stand without comment.

Rep. George Radanovich has been fighting for the Valley's interests in Congress for more than a decade. He has an effective leadership style that focuses on building relationships and outcomes that benefit the Valley and its citizens.

For example: Rep. Radanovich reached across party lines to work with Sen. Dianne Feinstein to bring about the San Joaquin River restoration agreement, a project even The Bee considers one of the most important accomplishments for the Valley in years.

His quiet leadership played a key role in putting Highway 99 on the road to receiving interstate designation. His support for education, particularly vocational and career technical education, exemplified his commitment at CART and other schools.

Most important, Rep. Radanovich is a conservative who delivers the funding the Valley needs. The Valley's congressional delegation has worked together and stood strong in support of issues we care about. It would not be wise to change our team at this most critical time. Rep. Radanovich has earned the right to be re-elected for another term.

Peter G. Mehas