Letters to the Editor

The wrong Measure C

I ask the voters of Fresno County to vote "no" on Measure C. Here are the reasons why:

The first Measure C was intended for repairs and for creating new infrastructure. The new Measure C funding for roads and streets is less than 15% of the total of the proposed tax extension. This new Measure C is prepared to please every special interest you can imagine: unions, environmentalists, politicians and all the boys in the back room.

Remember, if this passes it eliminates future projects that are worthwhile, such as light rail to connect the metropolitan area, or a regional airport, with shuttles to bring passengers from Bakersfield, Modesto and Visalia to Fresno. This would attract major airlines, reduce fares and create jobs.

How about a measure that would create a lake alongside Highway 41? Think of the recreation businesses, like restaurants such as Sacramento has on its riverbanks. As written, this Measure C is wrong for Fresno County taxpayers.

B.L. Perry